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Are you coping with Menopause?

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

PXP and menopause
Feeling overwhelmed or confused by what is happening?

If you are reaching that time in your life where your hormones are all over the place and the Doctor is telling you it’s the start of Menopause then keep reading because I know what that feels like. This was not a topic of conversation I had with my Mum, and she has now passed away.

Menopause can been a struggle for many women and it was for me. Things just got really hard to handle !!

It kind of crept up on me, getting steadily worse until one day it was like total overwhelm.

Do you identify with any of these issues?

· I would overheat so badly at night I couldn’t sleep,constantly waking from being too hot.

· My mind deserted me…mental clarity was like mud (hard to do my job)

· Anxiety and heart racing episodes

· My joints started aching

· Taking pain killers almost daily

· I was moody and cranky at my partner for no good reason

· Doctor’s appointments every month to be told drink soya milk ?###??

· I had rows of vitamins, herbs, sleep tonics, and drugs to try and help me cope

· Depression and tearful episodes that were overwhelming

· No reason to live – starting to consider ending it all

My Doctor was of no help as HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) was not an option.

They know it increases your risk of breast cancer, so it defeats the purpose, surely there must be another way…..

I did try some other things.

Soya milk – naaa, didn’t cope with that. Genetically modified food doesn’t sit well with me, and most of it is these days.

Reduced my coffee and alcohol intake – yes this helped

I took a Black Cohosh supplement every day – this did help a little, after 3 months it reduced the symptons by about 20%

Took natural sleeping tablets, and when desperate Sleeping pills from the Doctor. You never really sleep properly though.

My kitchen bench looked like a pharmacy – vitamins, sleeping tonics, pills and potions


I now have my life back...!!!

· Mental clarity, I now have my mind back….

· Better sleep

· Hardly any hot flushes/hot flashes

· I handle the stresses of my daily life easily, and don't want to throttle my partner anymore!!

· No pain, so no more pain killers.

. Occasionally I get joint pain but not constantly, and I have found a solution for that as well.

The PXP Royale a micronised purple rice powder made a difference for me within the first week, with improved sleep and way fewer hot flashes. It was so encouraging after a whole year without proper sleep to finally have some relief..... my overall health has continued to improve and I am feeling great.


PXP Royale twice a day, morning and mid afternoon. It's a whole nutrient dense food that supports your body to cope with the energy required during this major change in your bodies function. It is not a pill, it is a powder and it is absorbed directly into your cells mitochondria without needing to use any energy to digest it so it gives your body more energy to heal and repair. It can do this because it is a very small particle size.

Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. There is more to water hydration though and I like to share what Barbara O'Neill has to say...... Go watch her Youtube on

The Importance of Salt and Water. It could be life changig......

You can also put the PXP into your sipper bottle and drink it throughout the day if you forget to have it in the morning.

·Yes...exercise. It really helps to get out and burn some energy and get the heart rate up. A 10-minute walk after dinner is better than nothing, however a good half hour walk would be better.

Reduce your stimulant intake – no coffee or tea after midday may be really helpful for you, it was for me. I noticed a difference in my ability to relax.

If you find you wake up at 3 or 4 am it may be your Liver telling you it's overworked. Alcohol or rich food at night puts more strain on your Liver and this early morning wake up can be the Liver telling you it's overloaded.

Lemon Verbena is a herb you can grow in a pot, pick a couple of leaves and crush them. Pour over hot water and let them brew then drink at night before bed. I have found this is really helpful to relax me and prepare me for a good nights sleep.


Well it is simple, but you have to understand what Mitochondria are to really get this. They are the energy powerplants in your cells.

PXP is a micronized purple rice powder that feeds the Mitochondria giving your cells more energy due to the nutritional composition of this heirloom rice and also the very small particle size. It has been cold milled using advanced German milling technology to create an alfa sized particle that can be absorbed straight into your cells without losing any energy in digestion.

More energy means more ability to balance your hormones while performing all the other necessary tasks cells have to perform. This only made sense to me after talking to a Naturopath and she explained that our bodies are under constant bombardment from environmental factors like pollution, chemical overload, nutrient poor food, high stress lifestyles, and all these things take a huge amount of energy for your body to manage.

It’s a bit like getting home at the end of the day, you eat dinner, and fall asleep on the couch. You fall asleep because it has taken the last of your bodies cellular energy just to digest your dinner, with none left over for anything else. More energy means more healing and repairing.

Hope this helps

Nothing to lose, but plenty to gain – why not give it a go for yourself.


This information is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any condition. Please

consult your doctor for medical advice.

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