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It's called Bio Ready Nutrition and it's the reason alfa PXP Royale works

Updated: May 2, 2019

This is a new phrase coined by Enzacta to help really explain why PXP Royale is so effective in powering and energizing our bodies.

Do you recall how everyone has their Christmas Feast where we all tend to eat too much and then all but the kids seem to need a nap, that’s because all our bodies energy is going into digesting all the food. It takes a lot of energy to power our bodies and digestion is a big part of that energy loss. Rest is how our bodies put their energy surplus into healing and repairing, but if you don’t have enough left over some things will be left undone.

Many people who take Vitamin and Mineral supplements to help their health and wellness are faced with a similar problem. Our bodies don’t take in the goodness from these supplements as much as we would like. This is due to the particle size of these supplements which have to be broken down by our digestive system to be assimilated. The sewer workers will tell you – our sewers are filled with vitamins, minerals, drugs, all from the fact that our bodies don’t absorb the nutrients in these pills. As much as 40-60% will be eliminated when we go to the bathroom.

So Bio Ready is really about the absorption. PXP Royal is absorbed 99% by your body. From the time it enters your mouth and you start swallowing your cells are already getting some of this nutrition. No digestion needed, nothing wasted.

The reason PXP Royale is so beneficial is the word alfa which denotes a particle size. The purple rice powder is so finely milled it can be absorbed readily into the cells without any energy loss meaning more fuel to power your body and do what it needs to do.

This also makes it a really good choice for people who are training and looking for a natural way to increase their cellular energy (called ATP), or for people in recovery who need to have more energy for healing after an accident, injury, or illness.

This 2.5 minute film clip explains the process and why it is a great choice for our health and wellness.

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