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Fact...If your Mitochondria stop working...your dead within 6 seconds.

According to Dave Asprey and Dr Mark Atkinson this is a Scientifically proven fact. We may know that we are a community of 50 trillion cells, but we are actually a community of quadrillions of mitochondria because we have just so many of them in our body.

Just like your phone which will slow down and get sluggish - then when it reaches 1% it suddenly dies.....Mitochondria are the same.

Brain fog, lack of focus, forgetfulness, no energy......

All these things and so many more are likely signs of mitochondrial dysfunction.

This Youtube clip is 40 minutes of packed information about Mitochondria with a whole bunch of ways you can support them.

Remember PXP is purple...and full of polyphenols, peptides, and polysaccarides which all help to feed these important powerplants which give us life.

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