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What are Mitochondria?

Imagine every cell in your body having power plants inside them, hundreds and sometimes thousands of them.  The major organs of your body - for example the heart and brain have over 3,000 in every cell.  

They really are the "power plants" of our cells.   Also known as organelles that take in the nutrients from our food and turn them into energy for our cells.

They are like the battery in your phone....when the battery runs out of power it doesn't work !!!

Mitochondria are the trillions of battery packs in our cellular body.  They need fuel to work properly, and one of the best fuels available is Micronised Purple Rice.

PXP Royale is a nutritionally dense super food that is readily absorbed by the cells of the body because of its very small particle size. The term has been called - bio ready fuel.

Easily digested, no wastage down the toilet because the body can't absorb it which is pretty much what happens when you take most supplements - the body can't absorb the nutrients due to the large particle size.

This is a good simple short explanation about the Mitochondria and how they work.

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