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What does the Lime and PXP Royale have in common?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

They changed the course of History....Not Kidding

pxp benefist with lime
Lime and pxp

So how is that so?

Nutrition is critical to our ability to function and especially when fighting a war. If you were a soldier trying to fight for your country (and your life) and you were not fed well you would not be as capable as a warrior or soldier who was fed nutritionally good food. No joke !!!

The humble Lime changed the course of history on the 'high seas' and gained the British Navy dominion over the Commonwealth. The story goes something like this......a Captain by the name of James Lind decided to experiment with his crew on a return journey from the South America's. He had a hold full of Limes and he decided to feed Lime Juice to his crew. The result was remarkable, with scurvy literally disappearing from his crew. Other Captains - including Captain Cook implemented this dietary strategy and had a similarly positive result.

Scurvy is a deadly disease not seen in the modern world which is caused by a lack of Vitamin C in the diet. It is an irrefutable fact that we are one of only four species on this planet earth who cannot make our own Vitamin C...we have to eat foods rich in Vitamin C to provide our bodies with this important Vitamin.

Historically there were more deaths at sea from Scurvy than deaths from war battles. Once the Naval crews had Lemon/Lime juice in their diet it gave the British Navy a huge advantage over there foes in battle as their crew were fitter and more capable of fighting than the oppositions diminished forces who were still ravaged by scurvy and barely capable of functioning.

What I found interesting when I read this is that it actually took 20 years of proven health on board ships before the British Navy made it mandatory for crew members to be given Lime Juice as part of their diet. Hence why the British are called 'Limeys'........

Forbidden Rice - or what we now called Heirloom Purple Rice was fed to the elite royalty and the armies of the Emperor's of China and Asia for this same reason. They knew it had the ability to give energy and stamina to their warriors, effectively giving them an advantage in combat. The mighty food as a weapon..

Somehow we are losing touch with how important Nutrition is to a healthy life. It really is about inputs and outputs - what you put in you get out. Put highly nutritious food into the body and the output of that body will be increased. Makes sense when you get down to the basics.

These days we are increasingly being fed highly processed food with very little nutritional value. It's no wonder we are running out of Energy.

If we really want to take control of our own health , we need to accept and take responsibility for the fact that highly nutritious inputs (food) are critical to our ability to maintain health and well being in our life (outputs), and in our modern world that is going to mean high quality supplementation like PXP Purple Rice.

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