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By becoming a wholesale customer (on autoship) you can receive 2 x 30 serve pots each month for $178.20 NZD including delivery if you live in Australia, and $170 NZD inc delivery if you live in New Zealand – That´s a massive saving!

This is great for a couple, or someone who wants to go on two servings per day, or if you´re sharing with a friend. This is a great saving and is delivered at the same time each month. Easy! No catch, just a great way to take care of your health.

This option requires us to set you up with your own customer ordering facility, so there is a slight delay before you can order. We will need you to fill in the contact form above including your address for delivery, and a phone number.  We will then come back to you with your own shop URL and password to order directly from the warehouse.....usually sorted within 24 hours.

2 x 30 serve bottles on autoship – great savings

$300.00   $180.00 sale

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer. More info below.

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