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Annie Healy 

After 3 weeks taking 1 teaspoon a day of PXP Royale my Psoriasis was improving.  Now after about 5 weeks it has improved so much that I can wear shorts without feeling self-conscious.  It is amazing as nothing has ever worked so well, and so easily for me.


There have been other major benefits to my overall health from this amazing product.  I feel much more energised and happier.  I cope with stress much better. Now two years on I still feel amazing and love my life.  I feel great.

Jeanette Wilson

I got my 15 year old son who has type 1 diabetes to try it on the Sunday and by Thursday his insulin requirements had all but halved.

Some of the things I have experienced are - a 5 hour hike with my kids, usually I would be the one puffing and panting but now I could have walked for hours more. The next morning it was an hour before I realized that I didn't hurt anywhere, my feet were not even sore!

I burnt my finger on an oven around 11am the burn had visibly gone through 3 layers of skin. By 7pm at night it had completely healed, no redness or pain - just a dried top layer of skin.

My hair and skin and nails have all visibly improved in just a few weeks and my digestion is also better. I have energy and stamina and feel the best I have ever felt in my life…. 


PXP purple rice testimonies
Rory Hamilton

The reason that I first thought I would try PXP was to give me more energy as I was struggling to get through my day. I was physically exhausted and seriously depressed ..... Something truly amazing happens when your body has energy at a cellular level, life becomes a joy again...not a struggle.  you see the magic all around you and it's awesome.  I have found without a doubt that I no longer feel depressed and I have the sustained energy to get things done....loving it. 

Sandra Norris

Every woman’s journey with menopause is unique and I was having my struggles.  I had resorted to having HRT as a last resort.  I found out about PXP from a friend and researched it a bit further and then decided to try it for 90 days.  I have had a fantastic result and stopped the HRT pretty much straight away.  I am glad I found Purple Rice and continue to have it every day.  I have learnt more about it and see it as my best option for optimum health going forward.

Belinda Paton

Since I started taking PXP Purple Rice I have noticed my energy levels have skyrocketed and my thought patterns are much clearer and more positive. I don't stress about the things I used to and I am a much happier and contented person. I believe PXP Purple Rice goes into the body and targets whatever needs working on first to bring your body back into perfect alignment.

Jan Rix

When I first started taking PXP it was in the hope of gaining more energy and mental clarity as I was feeling quite run down and heading towards depression. I felt so much better after the first couple of months.  What amazed me was that my skin condition started to improve.  Vitiligo is the Michael Jackson skin condition where your pigment goes white and now after 12 months of daily having my PXP my skin coloring is almost back to normal.  I am so thrilled for this added benefit to my health

Sharon McNabb

I have just had a good look at my hands this eve, and I am beside myself with the results from taking PXP.

My left hand has had such deformities the thumb to wrist joint always so swollen and prominent but that now is nearly gone. I can't believe it the rest of the swelling in my hands due to osteo arthritis and rhuematoid arthritis is reducing as well.

My skin condition is improving, some weeks ago I was looking at my arms which are probably way older in skin terms than my actual age due to all my years as a landscaper, toxic sprays and the chemo etc and I see an improvement there, also as you said the sun damage to my face seems to be less obvious.

But at the moment to me the most amazing thing is the reduction of the swelling and deformity in my hands. Unbelievable.
I'm sold :-) Welcome to post this on your website as a testimonial

Diane Sargeant

I had lost hope.  I was struggling with my digestion and could eat very few foods. The Doctors decided to take out my Gall Bladder, but even this made no difference.  I tried PXP, hey why not?  Within a couple of weeks my Irritable Bowel had improved markedly I and was able to start adding more food types into my diet.  Now, I can eat pretty much anything.  My skin has improved, I have lost weight and I have my life back.  I feel fantastic. 

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