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alfa PXP Royale purple rice supplier in Australasia 
Alfa pxp royale in Australia

Micronised Purple Rice helps feed your mitochondria, the power plants in your cells.  Research studies are now showing that Mitochondrial health is  important for general well being and energy.


PXP Royale is a nutritional functional food that helps to fuel your body with antioxidants, anthocyanins and nutrients.

A common complaint in today’s uber-busy life is a lack of energy and mental clarity. Micronised Purple Rice is a whole food that can boost your energy while also helping with many common ailments.


alfa PXP Royale is a unique nutrient rich food containing three ancient strains of purple rice, Using state of the art food technology it is then milled to a micronised alpha sized particle. Its miniscule structure and rich nutrients means it is easily absorbed into your cells without loss of energy through digestion – giving your body more energy to live life to the fullest.

alfa PXP Pet Formula

Our pets have mitochondria too !

alfa PXP PET FORMULA is made from a specially formulated blend of rice and is designed exclusively for animals.  It offers the same nutritional benefits to our beloved pets.  Energy and stamina when they need it, and support for quicker recovery from illness or injury. 



Purple rice Australia
pxp Purple rice Australia


Rory Hamilton

When I first tried PXP I was struggling to get through my day. Something truly amazing happens when your body has the right food at a cellular level, Life becomes a joy again...not a struggle.  you see the magic all around you and it's awesome.  I have found without a doubt that I am feeling great and I am getting  things done....loving it. 

Annie Healy 

I thought I would try PXP for myself after talking to a friend.  I found myself coping better with my day to day life.  I felt happier and more balanced.

Now two years on I still feel amazing and love my life.   I feel great.....

Belinda Paton

Since I started taking PXP Purple Rice I have noticed my thought patterns are much clearer and more positive.

I don´t stress about the things I used to and I am a much happier and contented person.

I personally believe PXP Purple Rice goes into the body and targets whatever needs working on first to bring your body back into perfect alignment.  I feel calmer and more alive.

Benefits of Purple rice Australia

Micronised Purple Rice offers many health benefits when taken regularly. Some may even surprise. We’ve put a list together on Life’s About Energy so you can get the most from your PXP Royale Purple Rice.

Blog about pxp royale Australia

Follow our Life's about energy Blog, you will find information about PXP Royale, benefits of purple rice on your life, tips about health and other life style information.

Business Opportunities
Pxp royale Australia

Would you like to become part of the PXP Royale community?


Home based businesses are a growth industry that are helping many people achieve their dreams. 


Contact us and we will be able to share with you the business opportunities that are available with us.

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