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Fuel for life

Pxp Royale Australia

Life’s About Energy is a platform for educating and promoting the benefits of holistic health. In today’s world we’re overloaded in more ways than one.


It’s not uncommon to hear, or even say things like, “I’m so busy”, or “I’m just so exhausted”. And when you’re lacking in energy, it can be even harder to get motivated to do the things you’d like to.


We want to share everything we’ve learnt through research and testing so you can get some of that precious energy back and live a complete life.

More about me

Lee-Ann PXP Royale


My name is Lee-Ann and welcome to our website.

The Life’s About Energy story started in early 2017 as a place to share everything we’ve learnt about health and wellbeing, in particular the science of Micronised Purple Rice and its transformative power.
I personally began this journey after beating cancer and subsequently requiring a hysterectomy. My body was thrown into early menopause. I was struggling with hot flashes, body aches, insomnia, all underpinned by a horrendous emotional rollercoaster of hormonal changes.

I went searching for ways to get back to my old self. Naturopaths, natural remedies and over the counter treatments because the medical world could offer me no help. In that search I came across PXP Royale, also known as Micronised Purple Rice. The way it has helped me can be described as nothing short of life changing and has shown me just how incredible our bodies are, and what they can do to heal and repair when they have the right ingredients.   That is the key - and quality nutrition can make a difference.  

We are a family business with an office in Australia and New Zealand is currently our main full time base of operations.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me/us? either by Live Chat, phone, messenger, or email.

What is Micronised Purple Rice?

Micronised Purple Rice in Australia

PXP Royale Purple Rice is a powder. It is a highly concentrated superfood. When the Purple Rice is milled only the eye of the rice is used, along with the purple husk, which is then ground to a microscopically small particle. This process makes it easy for your body to digest without having to use any extra energy, all while it feeds your cells.


It is ground at a ratio of 100:1, meaning 100 pounds of rice are needed to make 1 pound of Micronised PXP Royale.


PXP Royale Micronised Purple Rice provides a whole range of benefits.

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